Robin Hoods specializes in restaurant kitchen grease exhaust systems, ranging from pizza ovens and hoods, to larger multi-hood systems. Robin Hoods is an Authorized Dealer of a World Wide Leader in Ceiling Cleaning, Walls and Restoration; giving us the ability to now offer ceiling cleaning, and a variety of other services great for corporate or health department inspections.

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- Safely rid surfaces and air of allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

-Hospital grade disinfectant, killing coronavirus along with influenza through herpes and everything in between.

-Use on all forms of business; daycares, restaurants, gyms, etc. 

-Leaves a nice light floral fragrance when done.

​-We recommend using this service quarterly.

Hood Cleaning Services:

- Safely cover equipment and kitchen
- Chemically breakdown and remove the grease
- Bare metal clean
- Clean the roof & floors in our area
- Clean entry ways
- Polish the hoods and re-light the pilots
- We set alarms and lock up
- Provide next-day follow up with pictures

Other Hood Services Include:

- Installation of fan hinges
- Replacement of fan belts

Robin Hoods

Kitchen Exhaust, Ceiling Tile Cleaning, etc.

Specialty Cleaning Services:

We use the appropriate mixture of our 19 proprietary solutions to tackle the specific problem we encounter at each site. The mixture reacts with the dirty ceiling and removes the soiling.  This occurs without damaging the surface of the ceiling or walls. 

-Vinyl ceiling tile cleaning

  • Restaurants and food preparation venues

- Acoustic ceiling tile cleaning & restoration

  • Offices, retirement homes, and other non-kitchen buildings

- Painted walls

- Awning cleaning

- Graffiti removal

- Deck cleaning

  • Commercial & residential

Terms & Conditions

​Special note for first time cleanings:  

Areas of heavy build up that have been neglected and hardened may take a few visits to remove.

Process notes: 

We protect everything in your kitchen.  Part of that is turning off the electricity to wall of our work area, and shutting off the gas to that line.
If there is food in your line fridges you may want to move it to the walk-in that night.  When finished we turn back on the power, and relight pilots.  It's good if your morning crew knows how to relight their pilots in the rare case we miss one, or one is odd to light, in which case we will shut off the gas to that unit and leave a note.

Exhaust Fans and electrical conduits: 
Unless you specify otherwise, It is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for us to leave exhaust fans running when we finish, to dry the system, clear gas, and to make sure things like ovens and lights are in working order. 
We are not responsible for damage resulting from shoddy, worn out, or missing fan hinges, and/or electrical conduits (including too short), or old fans that are falling apart. Sturdy self locking fan hinges or hinge/cable system required on all fans by the NFPA.
We do not clean on or near fan motors, remove their covers, or touch them in anyway, and do not break or fix them. If the exhaust fan blades aren't cleaned regularly it can cause the fans to run out of balance before or after cleaning, and burn out motors. If we see anything in need of repair, we will send you photos with our follow ups.

When finding damaged or inaccessible  equipment (such as a fan without hinges), we will provide you with our personal recommendations to getting repairs or other work done.

Ancient Grease:

Sometimes if grease has set too long (beyond 6 months) in a duct it can eat through the welds and plug them, and can eat through the roof, and plug up the leaks it makes. When we clean the grease and holes are revealed, we will let you know about them, and take photos where possible, but we do not create and cannot be liable for such holes. Usually a simple patch can fix these rare situations.


We are not responsible for roof damage as a result of old grease from previous neglect, fans not on hinges being dropped on roofs by previous crews, or damage done to roofs that are not impervious to grease.
Our process is gentle, effective, chemistry-only based, and we never use power-washers or scrapers on roof tops, or set fans on them.

Inaccessible areas:

We will notify you via email with invoice of any inaccessible areas that you need access panels installed. We ask that you look into access panels in the areas that are hard to reach (i.e. bends in the duct-work and long extended duct-work), so that when we return to clean, we have full capability to get even the most complicated systems cleaned to the best of our abilities.


We require 24 hour notice or more so we can fill the reservation. If we show up to a scheduled job ready to work and are turned away, there is a $150 cancellation fee. Any issues or complaints must be brought to our attention within 3 days of service. 

All this fine print covers things that happen very rarely over 15 years of experience.  We strive to keep learning and getting better.

Note regarding ceiling tile cleaning expectations: 

Our gentle and strong cleaning products protect the integrity of the vinyl and acoustic surfaces.

Some yellow staining may be present after our cleaning process is complete if:

-Your ceiling tiles have a coating of very old grease, and have not been cleaned on a regular schedule

-If/when they were last cleaned, cleaning solutions that destroy the integrity of the vinyl or acoustic tile were used

Also, some stubborn food splatters that have soaked into the tile surface may be still be visible at the completion of our work. That being said, we get very dramatic results when working with old tiles that are stained yellow and overall you will notice (and so will your staff and customers) how much cleaner and brighter your kitchen looks when we are done!